Company History

1969 NIHON UNIPOLYMER was founded
Paid in Capital:JPY3,000,000(US$27,000)
Sales started industrial rubber garment manufactured by DuPont
1970 Commenced joint development “Artificial Heart” with
Tohoku  University School of Medicine
1973 Started sales of silicone products by Toray Dow Silicone Co., Ltd.
1978 Capital increased  JPY15,000,000(US$135,000)
Business and Capital alliance with
Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd
Signed agency contract with Japan Miractran Co., Ltd
(formerly Japan Elastoll Co., Ltd).Started selling Miractran
1979 Opened Osaka sales office
1980 Opened Taiwan contact office
1982 Established Tokyo warehouse
1983 Capital increased JPY25,000,000(US$225,000)
1986 Opened Hong Kong contact office
1987 Opened USA contact office
1988 Agreement concluded with Toyobo., Ltd. Started sales of
polyester elastomer  “Pelprene”
1990 Agency services agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
1991 Head office moved for business expansion
Joined development committee in Akron Ohio
1992 Established Japan Unipolymer Hong Kong Ltd.
1993 Promoted USA contact office to USA office
1994 Joined USA/Epic Technical Exchange Meeting
1997 Started agency service of ADEKA Co., Ltd. (formerly Asahi Denka Co., Ltd.)
2001 Established Yuzhon High Molecule Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
2002 launched Urethane Film “Uni-Grand”
2006 Signed an agency contract with Ube Industries, Ltd
2007 Agency contract for medical polyurethane elastomer concluded with
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific Limited
2008 “Eco Stage” Association Eco Stage 1 Certification (Cert No. EST-338)
2009 Capital increased JPY95,000,000(US$854,000)
USA office closed
2010 Shigeo Takamatsu has been inaugurating as president and representative director
2013 Hong Kong office closed
2015 relocated Osaka business office
2017 relocated Osaka business office
2022 Acquired a subcontract factory and started operation as the Ibaraki factory