Polyurethane molded articles

  • Hardness range JIS A60° to D74°
  • The highest level of abrasion resistance among rubber, resin and metal.
  • High impact resistance, extremely strong in low temperature and repeated bending.
  • Highest level for mechanical strength and elasticity among elastomers.


Grade Hardness
Heat Resistance Water Resistance Chemical Resistance Low Temperature Resistance
Ester type 60A~98A
Ether type 75A~98A △〜○
Caprolacton type 80A~98A
Polycarbonate type 66A~98A

Polyurethane film / sheet

We will introduce products according to your desired uses, prices, and quantities Also ask about special items.
Our original grade
Non yellowing polyurethane film:UNI GRAND XN series
Non yellowing polyurethane not melt film:UNIMELT series
Imported polyurethane film:DINGZING series


Thickness 0.03mm to 2.0mm
Width Maximum 2000mm
Constitutions Single layer, Multilayer, Laminated etc.
Surface Matte, Mirror, colored etc.
Special item Breathable, flame retardant, blended resin etc.
After processing Slit, Welding, Vacuum forming etc.

Polyurethane Tube • Hose • Belt

We will offer a wide variety of products for industrial and medical field.


Diameter small to large diameter
Wall thickness Thin wall available
Hardness JIS-A 60ーto extremely hard
Purpose Conduit tube, Bladed tube, Spiral tube, Medical grade tube, Round belt, V-belt, Profile extrusion etc.

Injection molded products

We have extended experiences for various applications, Feel free to contact to us.


Shape From tiny to huge size, we can offer.
Hardness JIS-A 70ーto extremely hard.
Purpose Gears, Sealing materials, Bearings, Rollers etc.

Thermosetting Urethane casting products

We offer high precision products for industrial use in small to medium lot.


Shape Suitable for medium to large molded products.
Hardness Wide variety of hardness
Purpose Thermosetting urethane sheet, Cutting products, Roller, Roll, Caster.